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A truly amazing election. We have a new President. The Supreme Court is saved. A great new beginning for America. Saddened that California went the other way. My congressional race fell short, and so did every other with a Republican facing a Democrat incumbent.

I and other friends running for Congress in California received no support from the National Party  (NRCC). Had we, I and a few others could have won. 

Hard to take in how wrong California voting was on this, and so many other elections and propositions. From 10 cents a plastic bag, to letting violent felons out of prison, to legalizing marijuana, to harming law abiding 2nd Amendment citizens. California lost three more Republicans in the Assembly, giving the Democrats a Super Majority. California Republicans hold the smallest number of Congressional seats in history. Violent crime on the rise, few good paying jobs, and a continued exodus of business to other states. Saddened by what has happened to the once Republican State of Ronald Reagan when schools were top 100, crime was low and good paying jobs were plentiful.

I am so personally grateful to our campaign team of volunteers and staff and to every voter who put their trust in me. Together the team did remarkably well despite the massive growth of Democrat voter registration this past year and lack of national party support and resources. You worked tirelessly in the trenches fighting on the ground while we all waited for air support that never arrived.

No matter where my family and I end up, a piece of my heart will remain with the residents of this region. Many people here are suffering with high crime and lack of good paying jobs. I only wish we could have implemented our plans to rebuild this region and restore safety and security.

I don't know where California goes from here, but I have great confidence in the direction of the United States of America.

To my friends living in Republican states, I urge you to learn from California, so to not become California. Remember, we too were once Red - you need to hold the line, elect conservatives, don't given an inch or they will take a mile. Stay vigilant, protect your children and keep God the focus on your lives. But never ever ever give up - never cede territory - Hold the line.

If I can ever be of help, please contact me at or (909) 243-2184.

God Bless America - Keep Her Safe and Strong!

- Paul

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