CA31 GOP Nominee Chabot Announces Selection for Promotion to Commander (O-5) U.S. Navy Reserve

CA-31 San Bernardino - June 28th - Chabot for Congress campaign announces the Navy's selection of LT Commander Chabot to the rank of Commander.*
Chabot stated, "It's an honor to be selected by senior military leaders to the rank upon which I am about to serve. I deeply care about the safety and security of this nation, and when elected to Congress, I pledge to maintain my reserve status. I thank my family, including my mother, wife and four young children for always standing by me. I have chosen a career that is hard on them, and I am forever grateful for their enduring love and support. I will wear the new rank of Commander with honor, courage and commitment to my loving family, my brothers and sisters in arms, and the great Nation I pledge to protect from enemies both foreign and domestic, so help me God."  
Chabot, a military intelligence officer, has served 15 continuous years in the U.S. Navy Reserve. He served on active duty in Iraq. Chabot began his military intelligence career in 2001, serving first at the Office of Naval Intelligence. Later, Chabot worked with the Defense Intelligence Agency, in conjunction with an assignment in the Pentagon working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the National Military Command Center, where Chabot identified and assessed immediate national security threats. In 2008, Chabot returned from Iraq where he served as an intelligence officer with Joint Special Operations Forces and continued active duty service at Joint Special Operations Command. Currently, Chabot serves as the Department Head for Operations with Command Pacific Fleet Intelligence Reserve Unit - 0194. Chabot is a fully qualified Information Warfare Officer with top secret/SCI clearance and graduate of the Naval War College.Chabot has provided two keynote presentations at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. 

National security PACs backing Chabot including: Ambassador Bolton PAC, Combat Veterans for Congress PAC, National Defense PAC, SEAL PAC, Special Operations Speaks PAC, Special Operations for America PAC, Protect and Defend PAC, Protect America Today PAC, and many others. 

Chabot is running in a nationally targeted seat. CA31 is one of the Republicans best opportunities for a "pick-up" in 2016. Polling has Chabot tied with opponent, as of June 2016.  


*effective promotion date is TBD. Sometime after October 1st 2016.   

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