CA31: Opponent's Poll Shows Race Tied with Chabot in Critical House Race

SAN BERNARDINO - August 17th, 2016 - Today, the Chabot for Congress campaign released a response to opponent's email to donors pleading for more financial support one week after they conducted their own poll in the race stating, "we're tied."

Opponent Pete Aguilar remains our Nation's weakest incumbent and the America's best opportunity to win back a house seat in 2016 - regardless of the friction and unknowns in the Presidential race. 

Aguilar had one of the lowest vote counts of any Member of Congress in the California June Primary.  Aguilar is listed by his own party as one of their most vulnerable members. 

Aguilar knows he is in trouble. Based on this weekend's fundraising plea to donors, it is clear his campaign does not like their polling results. (see below):

Picture of Aguilar's Email to Donors 

Two months ago, the Chabot for Congress campaign released a poll showing the race tied at 43% - with Chabot winning over Independents by 8-points. Clearly, Aguilar's polls show the same.  Polling memo attached (click to view).

This race is one of America's best chances to win back a House seat in 2016. Learn more at