Crime Victims United of California Endorses Deputy Sheriff Reserve Paul Chabot for Congress

March 21, 2016 - Today, on the heels of receiving a critical public safety endorsement from the San Bernardino Police Officers' Association, Counter-Terrorism Military Officer, proven crime-fighter, and leading candidate, Paul Chabot, announced the endorsement from Crime Victims United of California.

"Over the past year failed policies in California have led to thousands of more victims than the year before, and that's why we need to elect leaders like Paul," said Crime Victims United Founder, Harriet Salarno.

"Whether as a Counter-terrorism Military Officer deployed to Iraq, or as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff who spent time in the anti-gang unit, Paul knows what it takes to keep our nation and our communities safe. Each day we are greeted with tragic figures like a statewide 14% increase in violent crimes accompanied by the individual stories those figures represent. Crime Victims United is dedicated to supporting as well as strengthening public safety, promoting balance in the criminal justice system, protecting the rights of victims, and we couldn't ask for a stronger partner than Paul Chabot."

"If it weren't for the hard work of Harriet and the team at Crime Victims United, California's criminal justice system would be even more disjointed - I am honored to have their support," said Chabot. 

"Our leaders at all levels of government simply don't have the necessary first-hand experience fighting crime to affect real change in that policy area. My experience gives me the unique ability to help not only law enforcement officers, but NGO's like CVU to keep criminals behind bars where they belong and our communities safe."