National Leader in Hispanic Christian Communities Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez, Leader of Churches in Action Endorses Paul Chabot for Congress

April 6, 2016 - Today, Counter-Terrorism Military Officer and Reserve Deputy Sheriff for San Bernardino County, Paul Chabot, announced the endorsement of Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez, Founder of Churches in Action. This endorsement follows other key endorsements from California's most prominent victims' rights organization, Crime Victims United, and from Focus on the Family Founder, Dr. James Dobson. 

"In today's climate of rising crime and economic stagnation too many across California are hurting and that is why we need leaders like Paul Chabot in Congress," said Bishop Mendez.

"With violent crime up 14% and the highest homeless population in the United States, Californians are looking for a change in leadership. We desperately need leaders with the first-hand experience required to make these tough decisions and turn our nation as well as our communities around. Paul's experience keeping our communities safe from crime and drugs as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for San Bernardino County and as the Founder of an anti-drug coalition is unmatched in this race and it's why we need him in office."

Bishop Mendez continued, "When endorsing candidates I am less concerned with party affiliation than I am with what they will do for those in need and for members of the Hispanic Community. Even though he is a Republican I believe that Paul is the only candidate running who will succeed at both of these goals and that is why I am supporting him for Congress."

"I am humbled to have Bishop Mendez's support," said Chabot. "We have a community that is hurting not only because of the out-of-control rise in crime, but because we're seeing quality jobs leave our state. As your Congressman I will fight to keep criminal behind bars, but I understand that we can't merely handcuff our way out of the current crime problem. We need to fix our schools so our children have a real alternative to a life of crime. I'll also work with the leaders in both the law enforcement community as well as leaders in our community to find and implement innovative way to keep offenders from recidivating."