On The Issues

Friend, I don't expect us to agree on every single issue. But I hope you know that I value your opinion. President Ronald Reagan once said, "The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally -- not a 20 percent traitor."  

You have a right to know where I stand on important issues and I hope this outline answers some of your questions. As a husband and father of four young children, I formed my opinions over the years through service in the military, community and at home with family. I have just one primary goal when elected to office - to make America safer and more prosperous so that my children and yours are able to enjoy the promise of this Nation. We, as adults, have a responsibility to do so - we have work to do. Let's get to it!      

Terrorism and National Security

As a military intelligence officer, I understand terrorism. Radical Islamic terrorists have declared war on the United States of America. ISIS is now in 30 countries and growing. They attacked my city of San Bernardino in 2015. Our enemies do not fear us and our allies do not trust us. We must rebuild our military, including creating Joint Military Base San Bernardino. We must end the Iran deal. America must lead in the world and that requires boots on the ground destroying ISIS and all terrorist organizations that threaten America. 


As a Deputy Sheriff Reserve and former California State Parole Board Commissioner, I know how to protect our communities. Crime is up in every city in this Congressional District and that is largely due to progressive laws like AB109, Prop 47 and Prop 36. I pledge to fight to repeal these laws. We must stand up and support our police and not allow leftist organizations to demonize their good work. Instead of releasing more people out of prison, we must aggressively arrest and convict violent criminals.  I pledge to work with our US Attorney's Office to enact Federal RICO charges against Inland Empire gang leaders sending them away to Federal prison where they will serve long sentences. 

Jobs and the Economy

As a small business owner, I know the struggles many other owners face keeping their businesses afloat. A strong economy is the foundation for a prosperous nation. The United States has the most productive workers in the world, yet our economy remains stagnant. We must increase good-paying jobs by supporting smart principles that help businesses succeed, grow and hire. We must reduce burdensome government regulations and taxes that harm hiring.  


Polling shows that over 70% of Americans today believe that their children will inherit a nation less prosperous. Children need safer streets, effective education, positive role models, and hope that one day they can succeed as adults. I pledge to help turn the tide so that the America of tomorrow is one of tremendous opportunity for all.


My mother is a public school teacher.  As an educator myself as a College Professor at California Baptist University, I pledge to reduce school drop-out rates and youth drug use by 20% in the Inland Empire.  Kids do not have to go to college to be successful in life - they can take on a trade, join the military, or find worthiness in many other career fields.  The cost of college is out of control and student loan debt is harming today's young adults. I would like see high school credits replace 4-year college G.E. requirements, allowing students to pursue their career field degree in 2-years rather than 4. I support school vouchers, charter schools, home-schooling, private school, parent (school) choice in addition to public schools, should parents decide that's where to send their children. I would like to see the Higher Ed tax credit (Lifetime Learning Credit) applied to a parents' tax deduction to cover costs of schooling their children under 18. Throwing more money at a problem is not the answer. We must ensure accountability, support for hard working teachers and much more. 

Social Security and Medicare

I was raised by my single grandmother who spent 30-years working in the Pittsburgh Steel Mills. She had seven brothers all of whom fought in WWII. She lived on a meager pension and depended on Social Security and Medicare. I pledge to protect Social Security and Medicare for our seniors. I support increasing the retirement age for the generation not yet entered into the work force.  Our current system is not sustainable and we must make changes if future generations are to have Social Security. 


As a husband and father of four, I have no greater responsibility than to provide for their safety and well-being. Like most families, we have struggled but managed to make ends meet. We live on a budget and teach our children that if you work hard in life, the possibilities for success are endless. Yet, too many families are falling through the cracks. In Congress, I will be a strong advocate for the Middle Class by fighting for common sense solutions.

Faith and Life Stance

I am a Christian and because of my faith I am Pro-Life. I support 100% government funded care (re-allocating Federal funds currently used for abortions) for birth (pre and post care included) and adoption expenses for any baby unwanted by their mother facilitated through a completely confidential process. Remove barriers and costs for adoption for qualified parents unable to have children of their own. We are a nation of majority Christians, founded upon values of faith. I support religious freedom. 

Border Security

America is a compassionate and generous nation. But because of our freedoms, we are targeted by terrorists. If children are able to walk across our border, then surely little will stop a dangerous, radical group from doing the same. Securing our borders is an essential component to our national security and I pledge to make this a priority. Further, America must address the problem with Mexico's corrupt government and I will call for a replication of Plan Colombia of the 1980s for use in Mexico that will utilize existing Federal aid to Mexico without costing the American taxpayers a single additional dime.  I do not support Amnesty. I believe in the rule of law - a foundation of our Nation that has helped many become citizens. 


The County of San Bernardino is home to one of the largest veteran populations in the state, with nearly 130,000 calling it home. Veterans are a national treasure and should be treated as such. We can no longer sit idly by while those who have given the most to our country are continuously ignored. As a LT Commander in the U.S. Navy, I served in Iraq and know firsthand many of the challenges our men and women face when returning home. Making sure our veterans have the resources and medical services they earned and deserve is a number one priority for me.

Term Limits

I support term limits.  Additionally, I support changing our Federal system so that Members of Congress are elected to a 4-year term instead of the current 2-year term, with no Member allowed to serve more than 2 terms. A 4-year term would greatly reduce the influence of special interest groups on legislators and would significantly reduce the amount of time Members of Congress spend raising money for their re-election bid. 

Political Corruption

If a candidate for Congress cannot run an honest campaign, odds are they are not honest in office either. We need to improve the process for holding candidates responsible for dishonest attack ads that deceive the public.  We must open this process and ensure that 1st Amendment rights are not trampled upon while protecting one's record from outright violations of law, like slander and libel. 

Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment 

I support the 2nd Amendment. I carry a gun as a police officer and as a military officer. Yet time and time again I see innocent people victimized by violent criminals who illegally get their hands on weapons.  I want to see a mandatory 20-year Federal sentence for any gang member in possession of a gun.  California state lawmakers must reduce the dollar amount to charge a criminal with illegal gun possession from their current $900 ceiling down to $100. We must keep fully automatic machine guns illegal. I support allowing police officers and active duty military personal to receive a Federal Carry Concealed Weapon Permit allowing them to carry off-duty in any state or U.S. territory. 

Drug Legalization

I do not support drug legalization. As the President and Founder of the Coalition for a Drug Free California, I have dedicated much of my life to helping children stay away from drugs and gangs. I support treatment programs for non-violent offenders but jail time for dealers. At the age of 12 I went through drug rehabilitation and have over 29-years of sobriety. I know first-hand the dangers of drug use and today in America, 1 out of 5 children uses illegal drugs - the highest percentage ever recorded due to lack of emphasis on the cancer we see with addiction of drugs and alcohol. I pledge to rebuild the Office of National Drug Control Policy with a focus on education, treatment, enforcement, prevention and recovery. 

Pension Reform

I support pension reform but we must not harm those already employed or retired - that would be unfair. Pension reform must only effect those who have yet to enter the work force. 

Israel and Iran

Israel has my full support. They deserve our respect and protection. Iran, on the other-hand is a dangerous nation that is responsible for killing many of those I served with in Iraq through their IEDs. The deal with Iran is dangerous and I pledge to repeal the deal. 


I support free healthcare for all children (if parent is unable to afford the cost) and those with disabilities. My aunt is blind with other disabilities and depends on government help. It is America's duty to care for those who are unable to do it themselves, and that includes our Nation's most vulnerable. However, Obamacare, as written must be repealed and replaced. If America cannot run its current form of national healthcare correctly (the VA hospitals), then it should never have moved in the direction of national healthcare for all. Let's fix the V.A. system first.  I believe in the free market place, not government control over our healthcare. 

Environment and Climate Change

As a child I grew up in Southern California and remember the smog days well.  We were not allowed to go outside to play - often sitting in the classroom looking outside at the brown haze in the sky. That was the 1970s and 80s.  I am thankful those days are in the past and thankful for cleaner air. I support clean drinking water and smart measures to ensure we do not return to the days of the past. However, the clean environment movement of the 1970s, founded under a Republican President has been hijacked by radical extremists who fund political candidates promoting extreme measures. I support American energy independence and policies that protect our economy.  I do believe in climate change; however I do not believe that "man" is the sole reason, or reason at all, for the changes we see in our climate.  I promise to faithfully monitor the science, unobstructed by radical extremists. 

Debt, Deficit and Taxes

Our government's national debt is nearing 20 trillion dollars. Taxpayers pay $200 billion a year just to cover the interest.  This is unacceptable and places our youth in a horrible position. For far too long politicians have kicked this can down the road. We must live within our means.  We need meaningful tax reform and smarter spending at the Federal level. For the record, I am leaning towards the Fair Tax, or a combination so long as our national security is not harmed. Our current 73,000 page tax code is broken and confusing. Additionally, I support zero-based budgeting requiring government to justify spending decisions every year and rewarding agencies for cutting costs, rather than spending their entire budget year after year for fear of losing funds. 

Welfare Reform

America's goodwill is being abused by those who choose to live off of government assistance meant for the truly needy. We must enact "welfare to work" programs and mandate that anyone under the age of 55 who has remained on Welfare for over six months perform 40 hours of community service each week within the jurisdiction in which they live. Further, these same individuals should be tested for illicit drugs and barred from getting tattoos or using their EBT cards at casinos or marijuana stores.  Further I am inclined to return to a physical food-stamp program instead of the current card issued. We must also end the government funded program of providing free cell phones and return to providing only services for the disabled to reach 911 or other needed services.