San Bernardino Police Officers Association Endorses Fellow Law Enforcement Officer Paul Chabot for Congress

March 18, 2016 - Today, Counter-Terrorism Military Officer and Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Paul Chabot, announced the endorsement of the San Bernardino Police Officers' Association.

"After careful consideration, The San Bernardino Police Officers Association Board of Directors is proud to announce [our] endorsement of [Paul's] Candidacy for Congress," said Detective Desrochers, President, San Bernardino Police Officers Association.

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association represents over 190 law enforcement professionals in the City of San Bernardino. These men and women are dedicated professionals providing the best in public safety to the citizens of San Bernardino.

"Career politicians at all levels continue to put their own interests ahead of their constituents' by supporting failed policies like AB109 or Prop 47 and not giving law enforcement the tools they need to do their jobs," said Chabot. "Violent as well as property crimes continue to rise and offenders are back on the streets hours after being arrested."

"Now, more than ever, members of the law enforcement community need our help and support. With crime increasing nationwide and our officers being intentionally targeted for acts of violence something needs to change in our leadership. Too many police officers have been killed in recent weeks and yet our 'leaders' remain silent on the issue. As a member of Congress I promise to always help the men and women of law enforcement in the trenches and will never overlook the sacrifice they make every day."

Chabot has over 20 years of service as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff. He served four appointments as a California State Parole Board Commissioner.  During his 6-years in the White House he led programs within the Drug Czar's office targeting cartels and supporting law enforcement around the Nation. Chabot also serves as President of Coalition for a Drug Free California and is a Board Member of Region V for the California Narcotic Officers