Special Operations Speaks PAC Endorses Military Officer Paul Chabot for Congress

March 22, 2016 - Today, Counter-Terrorism Military Officer and leading Republican, Paul Chabot, announced the endorsement of Special Operations Speaks (SOS) PAC led by an original DELTA Team member and Special Operations Commander, General (Ret.) William G. Boykin.

"Paul not only will fight ISIS abroad, but he will defend veterans here at home," said Larry Bailey, SOS co-founder and Navy SEAL (Ret.).

"And by shoring up and protecting our West Coast with a Joint Base, he will strengthen his district economically by seeking to upgrade facilities already at San Bernardino which was the target of an ISIS terrorist attack that killed 14 last December. We're backing this conservative as a key step toward our commitment to restore credibility, integrity, and honor throughout the U.S. Government."

Bailey added, "For America's safety, we absolutely must have Lieutenant Commander Paul Chabot in the U.S. House of Representatives!"

"I am humbled to have Special Operations Speaks endorsement, because it exemplifies our campaign's broad support in the counter-terrorism and public safety communities," said Chabot.

"Our community was changed on December 2nd and while it is resilient, its residents deserve leaders who know what it takes to defeat terrorists. While deployed to Iraq I helped to track-down terrorists, and bring them to justice. I will use that experience to help our military abroad and law enforcement agencies domestically to neutralize terrorist threats with impunity."