Top 5 Reasons Paul Chabot for Congress Wins CA31

1) Polls don't lie. Last week's results show Chabot and Aguilar both at 43%, with 14% undecided.  We are so confident in our poll, we posted the results and methodology for all to view. Memo (click to view)  Tabs (click to view).  This came after Aguilar received the lowest vote total for any incumbent Democrat in California's June primary election.  

2) The San Bernardino terrorist attack occurred in the heart of this district. No Progressive is going to hold a seat in this region where a terrorist attack took place. Chabot's official ballot title is "Counter Terrorism Military Officer" -- and that's a big deal in CA-31. 

3) Chabot has the endorsement of 27 local mayors and council-members while Aguilar only has 5. Local leaders trust Chabot in overwhelming numbers.

4) History has significance in CA 31. In '14, despite being outspent 8 to 1, Chabot nearly defeated Aguilar.  Aguilar lost five cities, including his hometown of Redlands to Chabot by 8 points where Aguilar served as the appointed mayor. 

5) The Progressive Establishment is nervous about Aguilar's weak candidacy in 2016.  Aguilar has been placed in a program run by the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee called "Frontline" to protect their most vulnerable members.

This is one of America's best opportunities to win back a House seat in 2016.