I am both a veteran and a patriot. I understand that this doesn’t normally fall under the jurisdiction of the legislature, but our nation’s founding values are important to me. I believe in God, family, duty, honor, respect, and integrity. We must never forget that first and foremost, we are Patriots and have a solemn obligation to protect our history and its accompanying principles. Texas is America’s last best hope to right the ship in America. It is without hesitation that we should all look to find ways to take responsibility for our state and country and do what we must to preserve our heritage. Let’s do a better job of honoring our State and Nation on its very special holidays. Let’s do a better job incorporating trade skills in our high schools – college is not the only way to achieve success. Let’s demand that our elected officials stand by these core founding principles and lead with the conviction and purpose expected by those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that Texas and our nation do not perish from this Earth.

Keep Texas Red

Texas is a beacon of hope in a very dark America.  If Texas falls, America falls.   I founded the Keep Texas Red Political Action Committee to promote the greatness of Texas to not only those living here but moving here as well.  Did you know that 59% of those moving to Texas vote Republican? It’s true.  They are coming here not to change Texas but to Keep Texas Strong.  When elected I will not only represent you in the Texas House 61st District, but I will work throughout our state to ensure that we do not fall.

Taxes & Home Ownership

Property tax increases have been a burden on Texas families.  As values increase, often so does the tax bill. We must restore sanity to this process. No one believes that the original intent of the tax law was to punish homeowners, yet the law failed to consider rising property appraisals at such astronomical rates.  Homeownership is the American dream.  Our nation’s Founders fought for property rights.  While at one time or another most of us rented, research shows that homeownership is critical to a community’s long-term success and the flourishing of families.

Medical Freedom

Requiring Texans to get shots is wrong, and dangerous. I am shocked to see our neighbors losing their jobs. Requiring tests and the showing of papers has no place in America.   I will fight for your medical freedom.


As a Veteran with my own challenges, I understand what today’s brave men and women in uniform are facing upon their return home. I will fight for them and their families every single day. I tell all my fellow Veterans that we are all broken, some a little more than others, and that we must work together to address both the physical and mental injuries of war. Texas is home to large numbers of Veterans and Disabled Veterans. Unemployment numbers are higher than the average for these fellow warriors. Texas can do a better job helping our returning Vets identify support organizations and resources.

Illegal Immigration / Secure the Border

We are a nation of laws and must therefore enforce our border policy by halting illegal immigration at its source.  Illegal immigration can be stopped by building an effective wall along our entire border and holding businesses that hire illegal immigrants that create that pull factor accountable. We must track down illegal alien gang members and other criminals on our streets and provide swift justice and instant deportation. A weakened and dangerous Mexico only furthers the plights of illegal immigrants into the United States. We must also support Mexico’s fight against drug cartels because those same cartels are now operating inside of our borders.   Read my dissertation about resiliency and methods to dismantle one of the most violent drug cartels in history, at this link

Right to Life

Life begins at conception. We must fight for the unborn. There is not greater sin in our society than the killing of pre-born babies. History will judge our Nation strongly. 

Gun Rights

No Beto, you will not take our guns. While the left's policies across America, and in blue led cities here in Texas, like Austin, crime is on the rise.  Texans must always have the right to defend themselves.  It's not just an American right, it's a Texas right!

Critical Race Theory

Last year I was on a phone call with a state agency regarding efforts to keep kids off drugs. I was told that because of the color of my skin, I had privilege growing up. Little did this Texas state agency know that: I grew up poor, my dad went to jail and left the family, I went through drug rehab at age 12, and by the grace of God found my way back on track – not because of the color of my skin, but because of my determination to make amends for the mistakes and hardships in my life. Today at age 47, I routinely keep on top of the school assignments of my four school-aged children.  My complaint filed with a Texas agency was largely ignored. I will be sure to “readdress this” when elected.

Public Safety

I retired from the honorable career of law enforcement with 21-years of service in the Deputy Sheriff Reserve. As a community, we must support our First Responders: police, fire, EMS, and others who do an amazing job protecting our neighborhoods. I support preventative programs designed to show our youth that there is a better way of life should they choose responsibility over a life of crime. However, there are many that have already made their choice and must pay the penalty for their crimes. Let’s keep violent criminals behind bars where they belong. 


At 12 years old, I was addicted to drugs and alcohol and without direction in life. While I’ve had articles written about my accomplishments and successes, the truth is I am one of the lucky ones. I overcame the obstacle of drugs and alcohol and worked hard to get ahead in life but there are many that never make it. The legalization of any drug will only serve to cause a sharp increase in these statistics. Today in Texas there is a 30% increase in the rate of drug overdoses than from the year before. With drug use on the rise, can we risk endangering our youth by sending them mixed signals? We fight a culture war with the drug legalization movement. I have no desire to see Texas go the way of California. We need to show our kids that the pleasure is not worth the pain they cause everyone around those that use drugs. Join me in preventing the sale and use of illegal drugs in our towns.


Education and school choice must become a top priority in our State. Let’s do a better job incorporating trade skills in our high schools – college is not the only way to achieve success.  I am grateful that in Texas that my three girls will not compete against biological boys in sports.  Modifying one’s gender is a sad situation in humanity. We must not normalize such behavior in our schools. Let our children grow up as children. Leave them alone.  As an adjunct professor at a faith-based college, I can speak with credibility on this issue and will fight for it here.

Business Support and Made in Texas

Small businesses are the backbone of a healthy economy. I’m a small business owner and I understand how important it is to find bank loans, take risks, hire staff, and navigate the hardships the shutting down of businesses during COVID-19 did to many small businesses. I will work to find common-sense approaches, end our local reliance on products made in China, and support “Made in Texas” initiatives.

Election Integrity

Texas deserves fair and honest elections. In the military, I am required to show an ID to go on base. It’s basic common sense. Yet, the Radical Left disagrees.  In California, the Left allows illegals to vote and hold office. IDs are not required, and everybody can vote from home.  This is a pathway to election fraud and stolen elections. To prevent the disaster of election consequences seen in many blue states, Texas must lead the way – and electing a Texas Fighter like myself I can promise you that I will never give in.

Defend Texas Now!

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Thank you,

Paul Chabot