Make no mistake - there is war in Europe, and evil is on the march.


This is personal to me as well, my mother's side of the family immigrated to America from Ukraine.


WWII generation has seen this before. Most of us only know of War in Europe through our history classes. Will Putin follow Hitler and continue to advance? Only time will tell.


The free world has failed to demonstrate "Peace through Strength."

The feckless sanctions will do nothing to stop Putin.


As a Veteran and current military member, none of us want war. We have seen first-hand the horrors. Today, we have additional troops in NATO Poland, among other nations - literally next door to Ukraine. We pray for their safety; Putin would be foolish and suicidal to attack a NATO nation.


While the Ukraine military is far outnumbered by Russia and fighting back, the true strength in Ukraine are their freedom-loving citizens being handed weapons, at will, to fight to defend their homeland.


Pray for the children seeing horror - pray for the fighters taking on this evil.


Paul Chabot for Texas House District 61